Welcome to my online courses

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Note: Some of the courses are password protected.

This page will be your main hub for the classes I teach during the transition times due to Covid-19*.
Here, you will find written tutorials and workshops covering the course contents. It acts as a supplement to the information found on the specific course’s Teams page.

Live classes and one-on-one feedback will be held on Teams.

The outlines and assignment breakdowns are all found on Blackboard.

This page will be updated as needed. All important information related to your courses or program will be on Teams and/or via email to your Seneca email accounts. Please make sure you have access to this email.

I’m looking forward to our classes.

*Disclaimer: This site is not part of Seneca’s official network and is not supported by Seneca in any way. This site was created and is maintained by me, in order to facilitate the online teaching aspects due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.